Conlin Incentive Group

Who We Are

Our Culture and Mission

The first thing you should know about Conlin is that we practice what we preach. Nothing is more important to us than building strong relationships with our clients, our program participants, our employees and our community. We do so by providing superior service that is knowledgeable, accessible, accountable and trusted.

Led by an outstanding senior management team with over 50 years of industry experience, Conlin embodies the values inherent in the solutions that we provide. Our clients and their customers come first. Whether we're solving a client's problem, or helping a program participant redeem a hard-earned reward, our corporate culture centers on doing things correctly, clearly and honestly. As a result, our clients find us very easy to work with.

Three core values distinguish us from other companies, guide the way we do business, and define our company culture—openness, ease, and accountability.


About Steve Conlin

Steve Conlin grew up in the travel and incentive industry. His father, Tom Conlin, opened Conlin Travel in 1959 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Growing up in the '70s, Steve began his career by working at Conlin Travel a few hours after high school and then during the summers. Steve says, "Back in the day... that involved calling the airlines to book reservations and then 'hand writing' tickets. We've come a long way since the deregulation of the industry and those very first American Airlines Sabre reservations systems. Thirty years ago, I could not have imagined the likes of Thirty years from now, I guess it will be as simple as, 'Siri, book us to Cabo, and read my mind to get the details.'"

Today, the Conlin Incentive Group is just one of a "family of companies" connected with Conlin Travel. Steve also partners with his brother, Chris Conlin, managing alumni sports tours for a few Big Ten university alumni associations. Conlin Athletic Tours has the expertise to move thousands of alumni and fans to various post season bowl tour destinations.

For the past 15 years, Steve has focused more of his time on the Conlin Incentive Group helping companies manage their larger meetings and incentive trips, along with providing individual incentives to bolster key relationships and to maximize their revenue opportunities.

“Nothing in business is easy, and most of our B2B customers are selling to intermediaries on a non-exclusive basis. Our role is to help our clients build key relationships with employees, customers and owners alike. It's competitive out there, and the difference between making the sale, or not, most always comes down to the relationships our clients build with their customers. We see the 80/20 rule in play most of the time (80% of client's revenues come from 20% of the client's customers), so events that we manage are designed to enhance our client's brand and to position their teams for success. When you gather clients and their key customers for a national meeting or for an award trip in a resort destination, and include spouses/significant others, you can build loyalty. And the economics of loyalty result in premiums. You realize premium sales volume, premium margins, premium trial and adoption of new products and services. And, when you have an issue to resolve, those who have a solid and long term relationship come to terms more equitably and more quickly.”

Over thirty years of experience is meaningful and has provided Steve with the ability to consult with clients to maximize their opportunities. “I absolutely enjoy the role we play to help our clients, and I appreciate every opportunity for the Conlin Incentive Group.”